Football Challenge


Funny and challenging football game


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The soccer season in Europe is about to start. Premier League, La Liga, Calcio... best football players are ready to play football and gamers from all around the world are waiting for two big computer games: PES and FIFA. But while we wait for the arrival of the new release of those football simulators, we can enjoy this amazing football game.

Football Challenge 2009 offers us a funny way of playing football. First of all you can customize the equipment of your team: colors and stripes, as well as the characteristics of each player: skin color, strength, beard, hairstyle... Then you can choose two ways of playing: online or offline.

If you decide to play online, you'll create an account (just a matter of seconds) and then start playing versus players from all around the world. The game makes us remember the way we used to play in old football games: arrows and two keys, one to change player, the other one to shoot and pass depending on the time we keep the key pressed.

If you want to have fun playing football, Football Challenge will give you that possibility. It's really funny and simple and I think that's what makes it to be so addictive.
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